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Laser Tag for Team Building

Not just simply a game of point and shoot anymore, our laser tag commercial grade equipment allows a number of game styles that foster cooperation and teamwork to achieve success. There is no “i” in team and there is no “i” is Laser Tag either. Nothing builds chemistry in the office like having fun outside of the office. Split up into squads and blow off some work related stress, maybe even gang up on the boss. Success doesn’t come easy and neither does winning in a team based laser tag game. Winning will take planning, strategy and co-operation for each team. What better way to forge team building than through tactical team matches that utilize cooperation and strategy to defeat the other team?

The following are some of our laser tag team games that require cooperation, teamwork and strategy to succeed. Laser tag is the perfect activity for your next team building exercise.

corporate team building laser tag played in the office

Base Match - Each team has a “base” area where there is a central target. Team members must work together to protect their side’s target, while coordinating attacks on the opponent’s base. Planning and reaction will win the day, as an imbalance on offence or defence could cost your team their target.

The VIP - The VIP match involves selecting a sole “VIP” member of each team. The VIP acts as sort of a moving “base” as highlighted above. Defence must be particularly flexible in VIP games, as adaptability and mobility is really the name of the game. Keep your target away from the other team, while keeping consistent pressure on theirs.

Capture the Flag - Just like the game of keep away from elementary school, players must coordinate runs to invade the other team’s base and steal their “flag.” If the current flag-bearer gets tagged enough, they must drop the flag; thus the teamwork of attacking and then switching to VIP style protection is paramount.

Domination – It’s an electronic “King of the Hill” game where competing teams must make their way to our electronic Domination Tube prop and score points by capturing control of the tube.  Once in control it takes team work to keep control.  First team to reach the set amount of points wins. Teammate support is paramount in this game.

What’s the by-product of all this fun? You’ll see who works well together, learn team co-operation and even see potential leaders emerge.


Give us a call today to discuss your team building event.

company staff laser tag team builder
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