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FAQ - All About Mobile Laser Tag

  • Is laser tag safe?
    Yes, absolutely! No actual lasers are used, but rather harmless infrared light using the same infrared emitters used in 90 percent of all TV remote controls. This makes using our Laser Tag equipment as dangerous as changing the channel with your TV remote.
  • Who can play laser tag?
    Almost anybody can play laser tag, but we recommend ages 7 right on up to 97. There are NO projectiles, NO mess and NO pain or bruising like you may experience playing paintball or airsoft. Got a big group and no way to transport everybody to a venue? That's not an issue with mobile laser tag, because we bring the game right to you for any group or event such as backyard birthday parties, youth groups, sports teams, team builders and more.
  • Where can we play laser tag and how much space do we need?
    Our Laser Tag is completely MOBILE. Our commercial grade Adventure Sports HQ laser taggers are built tough with metal and aluminum construction and meant for outdoor use, as long as it is not raining. We bring the Laser Tag game to you. Play indoors or outdoors in full daylight or darkness. Even outdoors on mild winter days. Any size backyard is fun, but to get the most our of your mobile laser tag adventure we recommend a minimum size of approximately 50' x 30' to allow players to move around safely and be able to hide behind cover. Even a park, ravine, field or any space with trees or shrubs for natural cover makes an excellent battlefield. Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss a laser tag set up that would be perfect for your space and event.
  • How do the laser taggers work?
    The laser taggers(guns) work by transmitting harmless and invisible infra-red light. There is a sensor(s) built onto each tagger that are extremely efficient at dtecting the beams of infrared light that the taggers emit. It's this great technology that allows our lase tag to be palyed outdoors in full sunlight and have such great range. The laser taggers are powered by lithium batteries capable of allowing for seeral hours of non stop action.
  • Do you have a home location or field?
    No, we do not have a set location. We are completely mobile and we bring the game to your location. Wether its a backyard laser tag birthday party, a local park or field, indoors in a school gymnasium or a community hall, we can set up almost anywhere.
  • What can I expect if I choose a Drop-Off rental?
    Our Drop-Off rentals are very popular as an economical choice for a laser tag party and are available with the basic birthday party packages. Our friendly and experienced staff will deliver your laser tag equipment, set it up for you and then provide a full demonstration. Our staff will not leave until you are sure you feel comfortable with using the equipment. Don't worry it is all very easy to use and you will be a laser tag expert in no time.
  • Is delivery free and do you have travel charges for out of town parties?
    Delivery is free within the cities of Edmonton, St Albert and Sherwood Park. Delivery charges may apply to other outlying twons and rural areas. We are always willing to travel, but please be aware that travel is expensive and time consuming for our busy drivers and game marshals. We do need to charge accordingly so we may continue with providing the best laser tag experience around.
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