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The Laser Tag Armory

Our Basic Laser Tag Equipment for kids parties.

The XM-7 often referred to as the "skinny" is the laser tagger we have been using for several years for the kids parties and often for public events because of its simplicity and reliability.  Coloured red and blue to identify teams, it is durable, and small enough for kids to hold and handle.  Loaded with cool features like real red dot sights just like in their favorite video games, reload buttons and cool sound effects, kids love these taggers.

The XM7 uses 100% safe infra-red light very much like your TV remote so there is no need to worry about safety.  Hit sensors are built right into these taggers meaning there is no need for bulky vests or head sensors to complicate the setup.


Laser Taggers for kids parties

Game play is super easy with these basic taggers making them ideal for our Drop-Off rentals.  Each player's tagger is programmed for 10 hits before that tagger is eliminated from the game as it screams "medic, medic man down!".  Tagging an opponent involves taking careful aim using the red dot sight and pulling the trigger.  Each "clip" contains 20 to 30 rounds depending on how it is programmed.  When all the ammo is used up in that clip the "click, click" sound with each trigger pull means it is time to reload.  Reloading is as easy as pressing the red reload button on the side of the tagger, but be sure to take cover when doing so because reloading has a 3 second delay.  

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Our Tactical Laser Tag Equipment for the big kids.

More to come.

MP5 Stinger pro-series tactical tagger
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